LoRaWAN Smoke Alarm

Data collection and monitoring of illumination, temperature and humidity in the environment

Chengdu,Boxin IoT

  • Product category:Sensor category

  • Product model:LoRaWAN-BGY1

Product Overview:

LoRaWAN-BGY1 wireless smoke alarm uses low power consumption wireless LoRa chip and smart microprocessor to process alarm signal, and realize ultra long distance data transmission, with the dust and insect prevention, anti-light interference from outside. The design guarantees the stability of our product. The product can respond quickly to the smoke of slow smoldering and burning, and remind users in-time to guarantee personal and property safety. It widely used in the smoke monitoring of indoor and outdoor environment at dwellings, factories, malls, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, teaching buildings, banks, libraries, warehouses, etc.

Product Features:

Using MCU auto-processing technology.

Using low power consumption wireless LoRaWAN communication technology.

Ultra-long distance communication.

Manual test.

Automatic reset.

Mute button.

Automatic detection.

Sound-light alarm.

Convenient to installation without wiring.

Dust and insect prevention, anti-white light interference.

Performance Parameter:

Operating voltage      9V battery (6F22)

Quiescent current:        15uA

Alarm communication current: 130mA

Battery life:                  2 years

Power indicator:            intermittent red LED

Alarm indicator:            rapid flashing of red LED

Alarm sound pressure  85dB/m

Operating temperature:  -10 ~ +50

Ambient humidity:          95%RH (without coagulation phenomena) 

Alarm method:                sound-light alarm

Output mode:                  LoRaWAN wireless

Operating Frequency:    CN470MHz/AS923MHz/EU868MHz

Receiving Sensitivity:    -146dBm

Transmitting distance:      empty distance 2km

Detection area:                detection area40for installation height between 6-12m

                                        detection area20for installation height below 6m