LoRaWAN Light Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Data collection and monitoring of illumination, temperature and humidity in the environment

  • Product category:Sensor category

  • Product model:LoRaWAN-BGA2

Product Overview:

LoRaWAN-BGA2 light temperature and humidity sensor can monitor ambient light parameter, as well as temperature and humidity parameters, supporting LoRaWAN protocol. It uses 220V power adapter for supply, and can realize environmental parameters monitoring through remote data transmission. The sensor is widely used in agriculture, animal husbandry, food and medicine storage, HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning), computer labs monitoring and other application scenarios.

Product Features:

Supporting LoRaWAN transmission protocol.

Supporting ultra-long distance transmission.

High measuring accuracy.

Strong anti-interference ability.

Liquid crystal real-time parameter display.

Low-power design for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Performance Parameter:

Measuring range:

                          Temperature measuring range: -40℃-125℃

                          Accuracy: ±0.3℃

                          Humidity measuring range: 0-100% RH

                          Accuracy: ±3% HT

                          Light measuring range: 0-0.2 million Lux

                          Accuracy: ±0.5 Lux

  Service voltage:        100-240V

  Sampling period:        1 second, configurable

  Quiescent power dissipation:  <500mW

  Communication distance:        >1km

  Response time:            5 seconds

  Output mode:              LoRaWAN wireless

  Operating frequency:    CN470MHz/AS923MHz/EU868MHz

  Display mode:              LCD

  Installation method:      screws fixed

Operating Principle Topology Diagram:

Chengdu,Boxin IoT

Chengdu,Boxin IoT

Transportaion And Storage Conditions:

Temperature: -40~80℃            Humidity: 20~80%

Keep the sensor clean on the surface and dryness inside, without stain or damage.

Operating Environment Requirements:

Temperature: -20~60℃        Humidity: 20~80%

Keeping the equipment in good condition can prolong the life of the equipment, and lead to more accurate data testing and stable work.

Operating Process:

Installation Instructions:

When installing the equipment, the photic port and the temperature and humidity probe should be exposed to the air in the real time. Dont shield or unscrew the photic cover. Please do not put the equipment in the water or any place near splashing water. Use screws in the installation place (φ3.5) around the product, fix it on the stand of operation site, and tighten the screws.

Power On:

After wiring product following steps above, insert 5V DC into the power interface. When the LCD displays numeric value and the communication return to normal, the sensor can operate normally.

Chengdu,Boxin IoT

1. Lux: 43 represents the real-time teasing of illumination intensity.

2. Temp: 24.70 represents the real-time teasing of temperature.

3. Humi: 61.77 represents the real-time teasing of humidity.

4. Sampling period: T=1 second per time.

5. Response time: 20% amplitude of variation needs 3 seconds.

6. Output mode: LoRaWAN wireless.

7. Measurement accuracy: light ±5%Lux, humidity: ±3%HT, temperature: ±0.3.