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Acquisition unit Ⅱ(LoRaWAN Wireless)

For scenarios where electric meters are distributed in a centralized manner, a collector can be connected to up to 32 electric meters. Data collection of electric quantity, current, and voltage can be realized through an RS485 meter

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  • Product model:DCJL13-BGLRW10

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Product Overview:

DCJL13-BGLRW10 acquisition unit Ⅱ is a LoRa micro power wireless acquisition unit with independent R&D according to Enterprise Standard of State Grid Q/GDW-2013.With 470MHz micro power wireless to be the communication medium, the acquisition unit uses LoRa modulation technology, and follows LoRa WAN wireless transmission protocol, to realize single-phase data transmission unit of wireless communication. Having the outstanding features of ultra-long distance transmission, strong anti-interference ability and convenient to use, the acquisition unit can be used along with LoRaWAN gateway to achieve data transmission, monitoring and intelligent management. Up to now, it is widely used in data acquisition field of electric power acquisition system.

Product Features:

Able to support power cut event report.

Parameter-free setting.

RS485 interface rate is configurable.

Rate adaptive wireless communication.

Automatic transmission power adjustment.

Following standardLoRa WAN communication protocol.

Automatic network access, intelligent frequency hopping.

Achieving data transmission, monitoring and intelligent management.

Ultra-long distance transmission, high-speed network access.

Automatic temperature-compensation crystal oscillator, stable and reliablecommunication.

Low-power design for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Performance Parameter:

Operating power :            AC 220V±20%

Operating temperature:    -40℃ ~ +70℃

Relative humidity:            10%-100%

Active power:                  3W

Port communication mode: RS485 bus

Port baud rate: default 2400, can be configured to 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200bps with infrared

Modulation mode:            LoRa modulation technology

Transmission protocol:        following LoRa WAN wireless transmission protocol

Operating frequency band:  CN470MHz/EU868MHz/AS923MHz

Transmission power:          ≤17dBm

Receiving sensitivity:          -146dBm @10Kbps

Bit error rate:                      ≤0.1% @600m &1200bps

Channel amount:                48

Wireless interface:              SMA female

Chengdu,Boxin IoT

Chengdu,Boxin IoT

Chengdu,Boxin IoT