PM2.5 Sensors

The PM2.5 value in the air is detected, reported and monitored remotely

  • Product category:Sensors

  • Product model:LoRaWAN-BGPM10

Product Overview:

    PM2.5 is particulate matter in the atmosphere with diameter of 2.5 micrometer or less. Particulate larger than 10 microns are kept out of human nose. Particulate between 2.5-10 microns can enter the upper respiratory tract., but some can be excreted through sputum. However, particulate smaller than 2.5 microns is easy to be inhaled into the bronchial tube, which interferes with the exchange of gas in the lungs, and causes diseases including asthma, bronchitis and cardiovascular diseases.

      Product Features:

Follow standard LoRaWAN communication protocol.

Able to collect data of PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10.

Using LoRaWAN wireless communication method to complete data interaction with main station.

Transmission power is automatically adjusted.

Automatic network access and smart frequency hopping.

Ultra-long communication distance and fast access to network.

Automatic crystal oscillator temperature compensation. Stable and reliable communication.

Low-power design for energy conservation and environmental protection.

        Performance Parameter:

Power supply: AC220V±20%

Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ +60℃

Relative humidity: 10% ~ 100%

Static power: ≤1W

Dynamic power: ≤2.5W

Measuring range of particulate: 0.3~1.0, 1.0~2.5, 2.5~10 microns (um)

Counting frequency of particulate: 50%@0.3 microns  98%@≥0.5 microns

Effective range of particulate mass concentration (PM2.5 standard value): 0~500 mcg/

Resolution of particulate mass concentration: 1 mcg/

Consistency of particulate mass concentration (PM2.5 standard value):

±10%@100~500 mcg/m³      ±10 mcg/m³@0~100 mcg/m³ 

Electrostatic discharge immunity: contact discharge 4kV

Modulation mode:LoRa modulation technology

Transmission protocol: following LoRaWAN wireless transmission protocol

Operating frequency:    CN470MHz/AS923MHz/EU868MHz

Transmitting power: ≤20dBm

Receiving sensitivity: -146dBm @SF12125KHz BW

Channel amount: 48

Antenna interface: external antenna SMA female